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Photo: Nancy Dionne

Photo: Nancy Dionne

“Terence Clarke is a formidable and engaging writer who approaches themes with attention to details, cultural sensitivity, and compelling narrative. His craft is the word, and he excels at that.” —Roberto Cabello-Argandoña, Executive Editor, Florícanto Press

Clarke is the Director of Publishing at Astor & Lenox.

The King of Rumah Nadai

My Father In The Night

A Kiss for Señor Guevara

The Notorious Dream of Jesús Lázaro

The Splendid City (English)

La espléndida ciudad (Spanish)

When Clara Was Twelve

The Moment Before: Publication date: September 1, 2021


Story Collections

The Day Nothing Happened

Little Bridget and the Flames of Hell

New York



An Arena of Truth: Conflict in Black and White.

“Fathers, Sons and Seizures: an essay”

The Sea Lion and The Sculptor. A memoir of the life of Sausalito artist Al Sybrian.



Substack: News from Terence Clarke


San Francisco Chronicle




Professional member: PEN America

American Civil Liberties Union

Community of Writers at Squaw Valley



Alma del Tango




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