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Photo: Nancy Dionne

Photo: Nancy Dionne

“Terence Clarke is a formidable and engaging writer who approaches themes with attention to details, cultural sensitivity, and compelling narrative. His craft is the word, and he excels at that.” —Roberto Cabello-Argandoña, Executive Editor, Florícanto Press

Clarke is the Director of Publishing at Astor & Lenox.

The King of Rumah Nadai

My Father In The Night

A Kiss for Señor Guevara

The Notorious Dream of Jesús Lázaro

The Splendid City (English)

La espléndida ciudad (Spanish)

When Clara Was Twelve

Story Collections

The Day Nothing Happened

Little Bridget and the Flames of Hell

New York



An Arena of Truth: Conflict in Black and White.

“Fathers, Sons and Seizures: an essay”

The Sea Lion and The Sculptor. A memoir of the life of Sausalito artist Al Sybrian.




San Francisco Chronicle




Professional member: PEN America

American Civil Liberties Union



Alma del Tango




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