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Editing…and a ghost


The editor... You have your book. A fine new novel. An engaging personal memoir. A thoughtful biography. You think it’s done. You know it’s good, but is the project ready for publishing? If so, how so? If not, why not?

For a thorough, thoughtful, professional developmental edit of the entire manuscript, send Terry a brief description of the project, at teryclarke@gmail.com. Include the following information:
Fiction or non-fiction.
Word count.
Basic premise.
What’s the story?
Who do you think is the audience for your project?
What do you wish to get from an edit?
25 sample pages.
Your contact information.

Terry will get back to you quickly with some initial thoughts about your project and, if he wants to take it on, a description of what he will provide in the edit (and afterwards), a price for doing so, and suggestions for how you can work together.


The ghost… Do you have a compelling non-fiction (non-academic) story that you want to tell? The idea is there, and viable. Compelling. A sure-thing for the right audience. But you feel you can’t write it yourself? Let Terry know what it is, and he’ll call you, to talk about it. teryclarke@gmail.com


Praise from clients…

“Each time you give me a review, the novel gets stronger and my writing gets better.”

“Terry, you taught me so much and with such forbearance. You quietly convinced me to focus on three main characters. That was spot on. You showed me how to use the surrounding environment to create mood and move the work forward. You showed me inconsistencies and how to resolve them. Your criticisms were without value judgement. You concentrated on what was working, what was wanted, and how to get where I wanted. I’ll always be grateful to you.”

“Your understanding comments about my characters and your favorable critique are most positive and helpful to me. As to the changes you would like me to make, I feel inspired to alternate the two characters’ stories, according to your suggestions. At this moment, I need to let all this sink in. I, too, would be happy to speak with you about various questions. I believe that such an exchange will clarify many problems along the way.”

“I have made some quite extensive revisions. I have incorporated much of what you suggested and in so doing, I have addressed (I think successfully) my agent’s comments about the plot premise. I think both sections, about both countries, now stand alone as complete but interwoven stories.
I am hoping you will have time to do another reading and edit. I definitely think it is a much stronger manuscript.”

“Terence Clarke is the most perceptive and effective editor imaginable. When my first novel was nearly done, yet still seemed naggingly unseaworthy, Terry came aboard. First he urged me to reweave into the novel a large segment that another editor had nixed. Then he spotted two areas which, he suggested, would benefit greatly from more intensity. His insights stunned and delighted me for their clarity and overall utility, and made a huge difference in the arc of the novel. I happily recommend his talents to any writer.”

“No one but you, Terry, could have brought the elements of this book together.”

“Your edits to my new novel are fantastic! Thank you so much. I learned so much as I went through them all.”

“Superb critique. I thought I had a real page turner here, but you’ve shown me that it could be so much more and with literary quality.”

“Really love your idea of a sequel! Overall, you’ve made the novel much more powerful and compelling. I’m indebted to you. I’m doing a lot of research to flesh out the work and most importantly, give it the necessary authenticity it must have to succeed. I’ll go over your notes and mine with you and ask for your input on my ideas.”


Here are a few books that Terry recently edited:











Note: Terry is the editor of the catalog for this remarkable festival, held every year in Louisville, Kentucky.

Festival Of Faiths pic

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