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On March 16, 2020, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered featured Terence Clarke’s non-fiction book An Arena of Truth: Conflict in Black and White.


In the matter of race in the United States, reconciliation is sought, while confrontation is shunned. This formula has not worked. An Arena of Truth tells of a remarkable educational project, designed by Dr. Peter Kranz, that, if further implemented now, everywhere, could do much to resolve the racism that plagues this country. The core element of the project is racial confrontation.

In his foreword, Dr. Price M. Cobbs, co-author of the famed best-seller Black Rage, writes: “This book shows Kranz’s courage, and that of his students, as pioneers and meticulous architects in the development and implementation of an authentic conversation about race.”

Click here to check out the All Things Considered audio sequence as well as a fine written piece by NPR’s Hanna Rosin that further fleshes out what you’ll find in An Arena of Truth.

Click here to purchase An Arena of Truth. You can also find it at your local book store.

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